The Winning Edge

Anyone can make a run. But what sets ZEDANDZED apart is the range and quality of its specialist services that give you the winner’s edge. Be it a 100m run or a cross-country marathon what sets the winner apart is his specialist skills, ZEDANDZED offers specialist services rarely offered in Bangladesh. These services include Groupage and Chartering, Warehousing services, Door-to-Door Delivery Services, Special Package services including shipment of Perishables, High Value Packages, and Hazardous Materials.

From Groupage to Chartering

ZEDANDZED, with its customization focus, handles the entire spectrum of shipments in terms of size and nature. No matter what is your requirement e are geared to delivered it effectively. It is with this orientation that we provide services ranging from Groupage to Chartering and Ship Broking the two ends of the spectrum – with various tailor made solution to meet you specific needs.


Not all shipments are the size of a standard container. We understand this and this is where customization philosophy is directed and put to action. Groupage or freight consolidation is a complicated procedure where different shipments of small sizes, to be delivered to  the same destination, are consolidated into a single container, ZEDANDZED’s capability as a third party service provider and excellent relations with other suppliers and C & F agents give it the leading edge in this field of service. The average containerization time for ZEDANDZED’s such shipment is overnight. The ZEDANDZED OVERNIGHT CONTAINERIZATION GUARANTEE is an industry first for Bangladesh.

Chartering and Ship Broking

We are enlisted as ship brokers with our national line, Bangladesh Shipping Corporation (BSC) that acts on behalf of all government shipments. When you require charter service for a specific size or weight of shipment, all details can be arranged from pickup to delivery. Charter Service ensures that you can send virtually any size or weight of shipment with no split shipments and no offloading at congested international ports. It allows you to total control on your cargo.

Warehouse Services

ZEDANDZED’s services transcend the frontier of freight forwarding to cover most of your cargo handling needs. It is with this imperative that ZEDANDZED is among the rare cargo management companies that provide warehousing facilities. The warehouse service is especially relevant to quality inspections conducted by us or by a third party. It is also used for providing services like hanging garments and carton-to-hanger which is art of our “Fashion Services”. Inventory and material management services can also be provided.

The warehouse facility provided by ZEDANDZED gives you contro lon a wider range of your cargo requirements.

Door-to- Door Service Delivery

ZEDANDZED’s door-to-door service makes the world a smaller place for you by providing door-to-door delivery of any size or weight to virtually any point on the globe. The deliveries can range from door-to-port, port-to-door or port-to-port.

ZEDANDZED has its own fleet of transport trucks which ensures same day colleciton and its Overnight Containerization Guarantee ensures that you get your delivery in time.

Flexible all-inclusive pricing is available ot meet you diverse and specific needs.

Special Package Services

Once again our customization focus ensures that your diverse and specific needs are understood and effectively met. Our special package services include Perishables. High Value Package and Hazardous Materials.


Temperature-sensitive perishable goods such as seafood, meat, meat products, pharmaceuticals etc. can easily be shipped with ZEDANDZED’s special package services. Loading docks, air-tight sealed truck leading to staging areas and reefer trucks ensure that your products never leave the refrigerated environment. Crushed ice, ice-blankets, thermal guard sheets or gel packs are applied to products requiring low temperatures for long transit during final transportation.

Dangerous / Hazardous Goods

ZEDANDZED has expertise in handling and shipping of dangerous goods or hazardous materials. Our experts are abreast of all changes in policies governing transportation of hazardous / dangerous shipments.

High Value Packages

For sensitive or high value items ZEDANDZED offers multimodal international courier services. Packaging and crating services can be made available on request. There is o size weight limitation and TIME-DEFINITE DELIVERY IS GUARANTEED.

Project Cargo Handling

With highly experienced people in logistics, ZEDANDZED has the capability to handle any kind of project cargo. We have the honors of handling quite a few complete textile mill projects apart from piecemeal machinery and equipments of various industrial undertaking.