Complete Synchronization

Superior Performance Through Complete Synchronization

ZEDANDZED’s services transcend the frontiers of clearing and forwarding to include export and import services, cargo superintendence services, warehousing, transportation, logistics and much more. The complex operation of ZEDANDZED require each of its operation team to be in perfect sync with each other – the coordination, the speed, the efficiency and the winner instinct has to be shared by each member of the team. It’s like the members of a rowing team each playing their own part in achieving maximum efficiency of speed and performance. The failure on part of one will lead to hte entire team losing.


The operation offices of ZEDANDZED are located in Chittagong and Khulna (Mongla) and marketing office is at Dhaka. It’s offices are equipped with qualified and operations involved in vessel loading / unloading while keeping close liaison with Chittagong Port Authorit, customs, stevedores, clearing and forwarding agents etc. It has experts in the areas of heavy lifts, container handling, container stowage, break bulk parcels and hazardous commodities and providing all kinds of logistic services. It is licensed to work as an international Freight Forwarder and local C & F Agents at Chittagong, Dhaka ICD and Dhaka Airport.

A range of associated companies all owned by the same management, each performing a separate specialist role, handles ZEDNDZED’s operation. The companies are geared to handle any size and nature of shipment and to deliver them efficiently and speedily.

These companies are

ZEDANDZED LIMITED: The trading arm of the group. It represents various manufacturers, exporters and importers in Bangladesh. It is also engaged in various consultancy activities and exports.

MARTIME SERVICES LTD.: This company was established in 1985. It is engaged in shipping agency, cargo and ship broking, sales and purchase of vessels, chartering, crewing etc.

GREEN BANGLA SHIPPING LTD.: This company was established on 1993 to work in the special fields of shipping like handling of frustrated cargo, damages and accidents, shipping back of unaccepted cargo etc.

ZEDANDZED IT SERVICES LTD.: This company is a professional IT company based in Dhaka and Chittagong that offers corporate IT support, website design & development, database driven web based application, portal, e-commerce, multimedia & graphics design services in home and abroad.