Products We Deliver

ZEDANDZED provides comprehensive international air, ocean and multi-modal forwarding service to meet the different transit-time, cost effective service requirements of our customers. Both LCL and FCL devices are available for ocean shipments on a wide choice of carriers. Same day collections can be arranged anywhere in Bangladesh and timely delivery with completed documentation is guaranteed.

Ready-made garments

Ready-made garments now constitute the biggest containerized item for export from Bangladesh. We therefore maintain a very cordial relationship with the entire industry in Bangladesh 90% of garment shipments, especially to USA is nominated by buyers, Buyers around the world can now benefit from specialized ‘Fashion Service’. The “Fashion Service”, offered by ZEDANDZED, ensures that vendors and specifically designed for the garment industry. These include:

Garment-on-hangers: Garments arrives ready to sell. (Hanging Garments)

Open and Hang: Conversion of shipments form carton to hangers.

Carton: Shipments of any size, shape and weight are expeditiously handled.

Quality inspection: All shipments can be inspected for established quality standards.

Jute and jute goods

Jute and jute goods are still the main traditional items being exported form Bangladesh. Though only 3% of the volume is containerized volume for such export is gradually increasing and ZEDANDZED is taking the lead in this are. More than 60k000 tons of jute goods are exported from Bangladesh every year. We claim to maintain a very cordial relationship with the entire jute industry. We have working relations with the major jute buyers in USA, Australia and EEC countries.

Frozen foods, tea, sports shoes, electronics, hides and skins, handicraft

Frozen foods, tea, sports shoes, electronics, hides and skins, handicraft are other growing items for export in containerized condition. Similar activities are maintained for these items, as well. Our ‘Perishables Service’ is specially designed to meet the needs of perishable product exporters.

All documentation services related to exports are managed by ZEDANDZED to ensure smooth and speedy delivery with no red-tape delays.