Supply Chain Management Services

ZEDANDZED provides state of the art supply chain management services that include material management, transportation management, information technology, logistics integration, warehouse management, bar coding and various other value added services that help in effective backward and forward integration.

Supply chain management provides the following advantages:

  • Reducing duplicate efforts between different operational groups
  • Reducing inbound and outbound cycle time and costs
  • Monitoring performance of suppliers and service providers
  • Establishing a global standard for visibility of goods in pipeline
  • Reducing inventory carrying and transportation costs
  • Combining and standardizing fragmented tracking systems.

We endeavor to create long-term strategic partnerships that deliver competitive advantage. How we accomplish this is first, by offering you real-time information about the status of good s at any stage in the supply chain, or to put it another way, creating total visibility of goods in transit.

By observing a shipment entirely, internal boundaries can be broken down. Production can then define its own requirements, thus maximizing the free flow of parts through the chain.