Customization Focus

Just because you are in the same business as your competitor does not mean that all of your cargo needs have to match theirs. your special cargo is what sets you apart in the global marketplace. Understanding and addressing your individual cargo needs better then anyone else is what sets us apart ZENDANDZED is a leading cargo handling company of Bangladesh offering a wide range of service related to C&F Shipping and Logistics.

At ZEDANDZED we achieve higher quality in terms of srevice by providing a higher degree of efficiency. This degree of quality is zealously maintained by us and is our greatest strength – and the greatest advantage for our clients. We seek to continuously improve ourselves, not only within the traditional elements of superintendence services but within the separate functions which make the process as a whole run smoothly and succesfully.

Our basic philosophy for business – “Not all of our clients will have the same needs ‘ has been the foundation of our continuous strive over the years to super code the expectations of our clients and provide borderless solutions addressing their individual demands.

As part of a service based industry, we find it imperative that we respond not only to all the existing needs of our clients but also anticipate their changing demands.

This is why at ZEDANDZED we believe in providing flexible, value added logistics services that go beyond shipping and distribution.

The customized solutions that we offer range from Flexible Billing Options, Hold for Pickup, Total Weight Pricing, Volume Discounts, Bar Coding along with various other Value Added Services.

To us providing these customized solutions for companies of all sizes isn’t just a part of the business. It is the business.