About Us

The very first container moved into Bangladesh at the end of 1977 and that led to firm footing of freight forwarding in 1984. We are one of the pioneers in the field having started our activities in 1985. Since then, we never looked back and marched with time adapting ourselves with industry demands.

At the turn of the century, the millennium as well, Internet technology is revolutionizing the way forwarding and distribution industry is organized. The benefits – better communication, improved tracking, shared information to improve freight efficiency- are already starting to emerge. the proliferation of the internet usage has made it easier and cheaper to co-ordinate activities between business partners. ZEDANDZED, as a group, has responded to the change and has become a part of this revolution. We have therefore a significant advantage to specialize in our core capabilities and outsource our non-core business to third party service providers.

There is a trend in outsourcing of the logistics function to third – party logistics service providers. Outsourcing partnerships are being offered to logistics service providers with specialized fulfillment expertise at affordable prices. We are with the trend and building a close – knit business fellowship / friendship with clients & partners.