Online Tracking With ZedTrack

In days of old
when nights were bold
and computers not invented
they used great compasses to find their way
and they were quite contented.

Welcome to the new world.

The world of online tracking system – ZedTrack. At ZEDANZED, we are able to provide you with real time information about your goods at any stage of the supply chain through an effective and valuable IT system. In order to impart effective service orientation and to have better communication with principals / shippers / consigns; ZEDANDZED has its own designed shipping software to provide better service. Our computerization supports the following web-based activities or applications.

  • Cargo booking
  • A Weekly projection outbound for mother vessel confirmation.
  • Stuffing / Unstuffy report
  • Container empty / laden report
  • Notice to consignees/ shippers
  • Shipping Schedule
  • Container movement (inward & outward) report
    • Disbursement accounts

Our system will manage all aspects of inbound and outbound transportation Our ZedTrack system verifies all aspects of the freight invoicing.

By observing a shipment in its entity, internal boundaries can be broken down. At ZEDANDZED, we take pride in the fact that we are able to create total visibility of the goods in transit for the benefit of our clients.

ZedTrack IT Section

Pre-Audit Functions
Payment Feautres
Zedtrack Benefits
Address errors to eliminate reoccurrence Prompt carrier payment Trend analysis
Charges corrected prior to payment Weekly summary of disbursements. Visibility of carrier performance.
Applies correct class,rte,and discount General ledger accounting and accurals. Vendor compliance measurement.
Eliminates duplicate billing Internal compliance reporting.
Internal compliance reporting. Seamless integration with your accounting procedures. True supply chain visibility.