Accounts & Disbursement

Our Chittagong head office maintains effective accounts which is responsible for the following:

Collection of freight on behalf of the principal and arrangement for repatriation.

Follow-up of freight collection, reconciling accounts and pursue transfer of money to the principals.

Repatriation of surplus freight collection needs following steps:

  • Compilation of voyage accounts
  • Submission of the same to principal for scrutiny and to repatriate the same by obtaining permission from our monetary authority.
  • The process needs approximately 14 days from receipt of freight.
  • Preparation of voyage memorandum on vessel sailing / cargo shipments.
  • Compiling estimated and final disbursement accounts with supporting vouchers within specific time limits.
  • Preparation of monthly statement of vessel accounts.

We have started now computerized system of accounting. We can adapt ourselves with our principal’s system of accounting. Disbursement account will be web based shortly and as per principals / clients requirements.